Tuesday, September 29, 2009

End of September Update

I've been behind with my updates, I'll summarise: (and will go into detail in later posts)

September VHF Contest: Went up to K1WHS, had a blast, will devote a future blog post to the entire saga.....and it was a saga....

ARRL 10GHz Cumulative contest, second weekend: Had a strong finish, even with the worst 10GHz propagation I've ever witnessed. Will devote a new blog post for the wrap-up

Fall 2m Sprint: Fantastic propagation the day *after* the 10GHz contest wrapped up. I worked down into West Virginia and North Carolina with ease.

Notes from the Lab:

- I'm putting up a 2m, 222 and 432 beam stack on a 30+ foot mast, almost ready to raise.....
- I installed my new Powergate 12V power backup system tonight, pics and posts to follow
- NEWS meeting this weekend in CT. Does the fun ever end?

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