Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hate PL-259 connectors!

I was down in the shop tonight re-arranging feed lines so I could route the upstairs 2m radio to the bigger 2m beam (I have a 12el and a 6el up) to the 175W brick amplifier. During the shift I came to realize this RF Concepts amp had SO-239 connectors (female PL-259). GRRR! Why does the radio industry insist on using these crappy connectors!

Just then I remembered that last October at NEAR-Fest I had picked up (2) N-female chassis connectors for the express purpose of replacing the amplifier connectors. So, I opened up the amp and was relieved to find that it would be an easy job replacing them. I now have 2 fewer crappy connectors in my world. Here are some snapshots of the excursion:

Here is the first connector installed, the second one was a snap. The whole process took 15 minutes max. Now I'm motivated to go around to all my radios and see how easily they can be replaced!

Where has the time gone?

Oh my, am I behind the times keeping this blog updated. Things that have been accomplished:

- put up 35' mast w/2m,222MHz and 432Mhz antennas
- Holiday time vortex
- worked the January VHF SS, made 104q's for just over 4100 points.
- Decoded my first 2m Meteor scatter frames, looking forward to doing more of that!

I'm back in the workshop mode, we'll have more posts shortly!