Thursday, January 28, 2010

I hate PL-259 connectors!

I was down in the shop tonight re-arranging feed lines so I could route the upstairs 2m radio to the bigger 2m beam (I have a 12el and a 6el up) to the 175W brick amplifier. During the shift I came to realize this RF Concepts amp had SO-239 connectors (female PL-259). GRRR! Why does the radio industry insist on using these crappy connectors!

Just then I remembered that last October at NEAR-Fest I had picked up (2) N-female chassis connectors for the express purpose of replacing the amplifier connectors. So, I opened up the amp and was relieved to find that it would be an easy job replacing them. I now have 2 fewer crappy connectors in my world. Here are some snapshots of the excursion:

Here is the first connector installed, the second one was a snap. The whole process took 15 minutes max. Now I'm motivated to go around to all my radios and see how easily they can be replaced!

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