Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yaesu Vertex FTL-7011 information

(This post is really for the archive, for anyone searching for info on the FTL-7011 FTL-2011 and FTL-1011)

Recently I dug up an old FTL-7011 UHF commercial radio to use with a ClearCom Radio interface box. This allows the UHF handhelds we use on productions shoots to talk to the production intercom. Anyone on the Intercom system just needs to hit the call button to key the external radio.

I started looking for information on the pinout of the microphone jack and found a forum posting that ended up being false information. I think I know how it happened. There is a schematic floating around the internet for an FTL-2011. One of the main board connectors had 8 pins, and looked to be like RJ-45 mic pinout. It wasn't, that was just a main board connector. Here is what I found:

Pin 8 is the hook indicator line, attached to the metal mic hook.
Pin 6 is 5v
Pin 5 is the Mic+
Pin 4 is the Mic-
Pin 3 is 9v, presumably for the pre-amp circuit for the desk mic (it wasn't connected on my hand mic)

Pins 6 and 4 need to be shorted to PTT.

For power adjustments I found that the schematic was also wrong for the FTL-7011. The low power adjustment ended up being VR2002 and the high power adjustment was VR2003.

I set low to 5w and high to 10w. The radio measured a max of 21W, but it's old and most likely abused.

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