Friday, July 20, 2012

CQ VHF WW Contest this weekend!

This weekend is the CQ VHF WW contest. Contest start is 1800 UTC (2pm EDT), end time is 2100 UTC Sunday (5pm EDT). This contest is 50MHz and 144MHz only, the rules can be found here.

I plan on operating a good portion of the weekend.

Dick Bean, K1HC, and his son Kevin, KB1EAN, will be roving up into some rare grids up in Maine. Here is the email he sent to the Morning 205 report:

I am planning a Rover effort up to Maine for the CQ WW VHF 
contest with my son, Kevin, KB1EAN.  
7/21: FN53 (Pemaquid Point), FN54 (overnight in Bangor)
7/22:  FN 54 (Bangor), FN64 (lunch at Helen's in Machias - 
can't miss that), FN 66 (Houlton), FN56 (Oakley), FN55 (just 
south of Patten), then overnight again in Bangor before we 
head back to MA. 
I will have 100 watts on 6 and 2 meters (SSB/CW) with my 
Kenwood TSB-2000/RC-2000 and loop antennas so we will 
operate while in motion with one of us driving and the other 
operating.  It's our first Rover attempt so I'm sure we'll learn a 
lot and eat some great lobster as well!
Dick, K1HC

See you on the air!

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